Engineering the Future of Film

An easy-to-use camera positioning platform that redefines the way videographers work.

Filmmaking is more than a vocation. It's an art form, communicating stories through striking visuals. The SkyHook changes the way these stories are told, elevating the craft of filmmaking to new heights.

Introduction Video

Over the last year we've been in an ongoing process of refinement, designing a series of models to better fit the needs of filmmakers. To see the progress we've made and learn a bit more about our company, watch this short video.

Watch Our Latest Video

We took the SkyHook out to make a short film, featuring an extended shot up a four-story stairwell. click here.

Who We Are

We're a group of artists and engineers based in Kansas City that saw a chance to do something different. We knew there was a gap between filmmakers' vision and what they could do with current equipment, so we created the Skyhook to fill the need.

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What We're Building

The SkyHook is a robotic camera platform suspended by cables and controlled remotely. It can be programmed to shoot scripted sequences or flown without a path to capture impromptu moments. The overhead nature of the platform allows an unprecedented range of motion, giving videographers the power to make their vision a reality.

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